Melissa A. Marin


Age: 27
Nationality: Colombian
Inspiration: Mother
Passion for Life: Being Successful, chasing my dreams and reach ultimate happiness. Living a life I have created through hope, drive and determination.
Favorite Quotation: Being happy is a choice, and a LIFESTYLE.

Melissa is the epitome of a Creatrix. She embodies the qualities that make her a creator and sets the foundation for a concrete establishment. She’s a wishful thinker who sees possibilities and gives birth to her ideas and dreams. She creates her ideal life and lives according to her own definition of happiness. She knows what she wants, sets fulfilling goals and has the courage to follow through in order to achieve her ultimate life vision. She embraces her shortcomings but never lets them consume her. She will mourn her losses and face her fears. She understands that everyone, including herself, will experience pain but triumphs through her pain with feminine courage, grace, dignity, and strength. She grants herself time to work through her experiences and to learn from her mistakes. A Vivacious Soul, that sheds the mask of inauthenticity, whose public persona and innermost heart and mindset are one in the same.

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